French for beginners A1-A, A1-B and A1-C


The ONE-TO-ONE beginner’s courses include:

  • Ten classes* one-to-one with a highly qualified French teacher.
  • Course Book
  • Individualized exercises
  • Individual feedback of your teacher on texts and oral exercises
  • Final level test (optional)


In this course you learn French from scratch.  It was originally designed for active people who travel a lot and who have difficulties in spending valuable time in the car or on the train to get to that language school in town. The course is divided into three sections with ten scheduled skype meetings with your teacher in each part. You start practice simple conversation right from the start. Pronunciation and practising basic everyday phrases are of course  important parts of the skype meetings as well as in the online section, but we practice grammar, too. An English French course book is included in the fee, but many exercises and tasks will be tailor-made by your teacher to fit your individual demands. Every course section (A,B,C) corresponds to approximately 40 study hours. If you already know some French, we will make a diagnosis so that you begin at the right course level from start. Grammar is on this level mostly taught in English.


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