We are online

Global Svenska is an online curriculum, based on our long experience and understanding of how the Swedish language develops in teenagers when they live in an international setting rather than in Sweden. We are here for you when everyday conversations, movies and games are no longer enough to develop a comprehensive and age-adapted Swedish.

High quality education delivered digitally is our distinguishing mark, and we work with well-known and certified educational systems and curricula. We teach Swedish to teenagers living outside Sweden, but who speak Swedish at home.

All of our courses are developed by fully educated and certified high-school teachers in Swedish, except for our School for Creative Writing, which is the unique outcome of a close collaboration with the well-known Swedish author Malin Stehn. All material is built on genre-based teaching and of course specially developed for distance learning.

The course packages for Additional Swedish follow the guidelines set out by The Swedish National Agency for Education, in the Syllabus for Additional Swedish Education for Swedish Students Abroad (Svenska för kompletterande undervisning för svenska elever i utlandet) or for the language education within the International Baccalaureate (IB).

To follow a course, you need an internet connection, a computer and preferably some old fashioned paper and pen. A headset may come in handy, as well as approximately fifty hours in your teenagers’ free time. Tutoring and feed-back from a certified teacher of Swedish is available to different extents for all packages. You and your teenager choose what packages suit your needs and budget.

The course should always correspond to the student’s language skills. Therefore, we start with a diagnostic test before the study kit itself is chosen and sent out.

Swedish School Associations Abroad (Svenska skolföreningar utomlands)

Are you or your partner active within a Swedish school association (Svenska skolan) abroad? Would your Swedish school like to keep and recruit more teenage students? The concept of Global Svenska has its roots in such a school association. We happily assist with you with tailor-made educational material.

Please contact us to find out more.