About us

My name is Anna-Lena Olsson. I am the founder of Global Svenska Plus (GSP) and an experienced school manager and high school teacher with a Master of Education in Swedish and English Literature.

GSP grows quickly as our programme and methods have proved to be very successful.   The company has students at all continents, at leading international schools and universities as well as in private homes all over the world. GSP is also responsible for course content and teaching at some small Swedish school associations in France, Monaco and the USA.

As a teacher of Swedish, I have worked with virtually all types of language courses within the ordinary Swedish school system, in adult education and with International Baccalaureate (IB). Moreover  I supervised future senior high school teachers in Swedish for serveral years,  and I was the IBDP-coordinator and Head of IB-department at a big international high school before I moved to France in 2013. My knowledge of the IB-programme in general, and of IB Language courses in particular, is the foundation of the IB courses at GSP.