That GSP maintains contact with the school, the student and the IB organization.
Anna, Tokyo

We are very satisfied with GSP and the teachers. Everything is working smoothly; book deliveries, fast replies from the teacher, and the lessons being customized to the ability of the student and the regular school schedule. 
Claudia, Schweiz

GSP’s focus is what is best for the student; you are always there for the student as well as the parents. 
Linda Jansson, Tanzania

If you have questions, you always get answers. Friendly and helpful response. 
Pia Fremberg, Singapore

Flexible and customized.

Flexible and personalized solutions.

The flexibility, the professionalism, the management, the support.

Most satisfied with the type of homework that is tailored to the specific need and the student’s needs. In addition, the lessons are very qualitative and time is used very efficiently, which always adds incredible value to the knowledge and development of knowledge. The teacher is always open and willing to listen and make sure to provide relevant support and homework. It is distance learning and the communication is through Skype, which we were a little worried about, but it has proven to work just fine! The syllabus is very well structured and solid.
Snezana Sazdic, New York

Professionalism and reliability.

A genuine commitment and inspiring teaching. Our son has never been as involved in the subject as now.