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Do you want to take Swedish A as a part of your IB Diploma?

The IB programme encourages students to develop his or her mother tongue, even when courses in their language are not offered at the school. At Global Svenska Plus (GSP) you find the best IB Swedish teachers available as well as all information you need to be admitted to university in Sweden – and more! – Global Svenska Plus partners with more than 60 IB schools in Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America to help Swedish students abroad. Check out the list!

All teachers at GSP are internationally experienced educators with teacher certifications from the Swedish National Agency for Education. We live and work in different countries but work closely together online to plan course content and to develop and share new material. Moreover, the GSP teachers meet in at least one internal workshop every year, and some of us occasionally work directly with the IB organisation with the Swedish subject. Trust that we know and follow the IB special rules and guidelines!

IBDP Swedish A

Our “IBDP Swedish A” course follows the syllabus for “IBDP Language A Literature School Supported Self Taught.” This course has a special advantage being part of the regular student syllabus, allowing direct access to university studies in Sweden and the Nordic countries. A passing grade also gives you a Bilingual IB Diploma. All one-on-one students have a personal course outline, made in close cooperation with your IB school. If you want to have a mix of group and one-one-one tutoring, you follow our standard course outline for that time zone. Learn more

The course is distributed over one or two academic years and our teachers give personal feedback to the students on all their work. In close consultation with your school, GSP can also provide a ‘made-to-measure’ accelerated programme. This is often necessary if you are a student at a school with November exams, but it can also be the case for transfer students. Contact us for more information.

IBDP Swedish B

Maybe you have lived outside of Sweden most of your life, although you are Swedish? In this case, Swedish might have become a second language, a “Language B”. Do not hesitate to contact us at GSP for advice.

Pre-IB Swedish A

In the Pre-IB Course we work primarily on Swedish vocabulary and academic writing to prepare students for IB Swedish A and/or high school programmes in Sweden. Lessons are offered one-on-one, or in a group once a week. As of autumn 2023, our Mother Tongue Programmes are approved and partly subsidised by the Swedish National Agency for Education, as we follow the Curriculum for Supplementary Education in Swedish Abroad. This also applies to Pre-IB Swedish A and therefore we have reduced our fees for these courses.

Fees, new students from 2024

Fees for private customers who are EU residents as well as for companies, may vary according to national VAT regulations. For payments originating outside the EU, a bank fee of 20 € will be added. Contact us for further information.

IBDP Swedish A or B GROUP minimum 3 studentsFull course package, year one or two, including at least one teacher-led class live online every school week, and booked one-on-one sessions€2850
IBDP Swedish A or B PAIR 2 studentsFull course package, year one or two, including at least two teacher-led classes live online every school week.€3375
IBDP Swedish A or B TAILOR MADE one-on-one Full course package, year one or two, including tailor-made live teaching one-on-one, normally every school week, using Zoom or another conference tool. €3575-4275
Pre-IB Swedish A GROUP §8 SKOLFS 2008:9. Min. 3 studentsFull course package, year one or two, including one teacher-led class live online every school week.€1190