IB Swedish

Would you like to take Swedish as part of your IB Diploma?

Global Svenska Plus is the main solution for IB Swedish outside Sweden and our successful students are found at international schools in Europe, Asia, Africa as well as in North and South America.  All GSP’s tutors are experienced and well-educated high shool teachers with an international background from IB as well as other school systems.

Swedish A

Our IB Swedish A online follows the IB syllabus for Language A Literature School Supported Self Taught.  This means all students have a personal course outline,  made in close cooperation with the ordinary IB school. The teaching is allocated over one or two academic years and a standard package normally means 25 or 45 lessons* one-to-one tutoring per year.  During the course, our teachers give personal feedback on all students’ work.

Swedish PreIB

In the PreIB-course we work a lot with vocabulary and  Swedish academic writing to prepare properly for the diploma years. In this course students get a basic knowledge of the history of Swedish literature, too. More information about our specially designed Swedish PreIB course is found here

Swedish B

Obtaining an IB Diploma requires a lot of work and sometimes unexpected things happen. Maybe you have started a Swedish A Self Taught course to find out that it will be too challenging. Maybe Swedish has become a second language, a “Language B”.

The IB Coordinator often finds good solutions at school when such things occur. But not always. Sometimes special solutions are required. Do not hesitate to contact us at Global Svenska for advice.

FEES for students starting in September 2019, 0% VAT (private customers living outside EU)

  • IB Swedish A Standard 25 lessons* over one semester or one school year 1745 € 
  • IB Swedish A Standard 45 lessons* over one school year  2595 €
  • PreIB 20 lessons* over one semester or one school year 1195 €
  • PreIB 30 lessons over one school year 1695 €

Please note! Fees for private customers who are EU residents as well as for companies vary according to local VAT-regulations. Please contact us for further information.

Group tutoringcontact us for further information.

What do prices include?

  • One-to-one tutoring online (using Zoom or Skype)
  • Personal feedback on all texts and speeches
  • Course literature
  • Individual international study counselling
  • Full coordination with the ordinary IB school

Extra lessons and private revision with an experienced IB teacher by separate agreement from 80 € per lesson*

*One lesson corresponds to 45-60 minutes.