Prepare for Swedish University – TISUS Test Preparation

TISUS is a qualifying test in Swedish for university and college studies in Sweden. An approved result gives you access to free studies at Swedish universities if you are a Swedish or European citizen. However, years of preparation are needed to reach the required language level. Our immensely popular courses in Swedish are aimed at students who attend school outside Sweden and to teenagers and young adults who have a high school diploma from a country other than Sweden.

Advanced High School Level and State Funded TISUS Test Preparation

Our advanced senior high school courses are suitable for teenagers from 15 years up. From autumn 2023, Global Svenska Plus (GSP) is entitled to state subsidies for Swedish young citizens who take supplementary courses in Swedish in accordance with the Swedish National Agency for Education’s regulations on the education of Swedish children and young people abroad (§ 8 SKOLFS 2008:9). As a Swedish citizen and teenager, you can therefore take our full-year course in High School Swedish at a subsidised price. When you are ready for TISUS, we help you apply for a scholarship covering the exam fee.

All teachers at Global Svenska Plus are internationally experienced educators with teacher certifications from the Swedish National Agency for Education. We live in different countries, but work closely together online to plan course content and to develop and share new material with the goal of perfecting your Swedish, so that you can pass TISUS and study at universities in Sweden.

Group teaching or individual? Choose both!

Most of our students choose to study Swedish in one of our teacher-led study groups. These groups normally consist of three to five students who have an even language level. The students have a fixed number of teacher-led lessons via Zoom together. Sometimes you meet the teacher in shorter sessions one-on-one, to review texts or practise more specifically on certain elements. Some students meet online outside class as well, to work together on assignments or just to chat. Several former students made new friends who they now hang out with, at university in Sweden!

All GSP-students are expected to work on reading and writing tasks between classes. At our normal pace, students therefore need to spend at least two hours on Swedish every school week, in addition to the teacher-led lessons.

Language levels

Most of the time we use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in our assessment and evaluation of student work. We test your language level before admission, to assess whether you should start in Group T1 (B2+) or T2 (C1). The tests are our own, but they are created based on the CEFR. If you are not yet ready for our advanced course, we take the liberty of letting you know. The diagnosis is of course free of charge.

To start an advanced course in Swedish with us, you need to have language level B2. B1 and B2 are an intermediate level where you can speak and write about most things without much effort, while C1 and C2 are advanced levels where you can use the language unhindered even in purely academic and professional contexts. TISUS is on language level C1+

Please note! Our courses can be booked by Swedish school associations abroad that lack qualified teachers at upper secondary level. Contact us if you want to know more.

Included in Course Pack High School Swedish and TISUS Preparation

  • Diagnosis and internal assessments
  • Lessons taught live online, using Zoom or another conference tool
  • Digital course book and access to virtual classroom at Studentlitteratur
  • Exercises and tests in reading comprehension
  • Basic rhetoric and speech training
  • Individually adapted exercises in academic writing
  • Individual feedback on exercises, tests, texts, and speeches by a certified teacher of Swedish

Fees from 2024

Please note that prices are without VAT as companies, organisations and individuals residing within the EU may be affected by national VAT rules. For more information, contact us.

TISUS Prep Group 1&2 § 8 SKOLFS 2008:9 (minimum 3 students) 30 One academic year1090 €
TISUS Prep Group 1&2 GROUP (3-5 students) 15 One semester1350 €
INTENSE TISUS 10 weeks GROUP (3-4 students) and one-on-one1010 weeks685 €
Specially designed arrangement for TISUS preparationIndividualIndividualContact us