IBDP Swedish A – Group and One-on-One

The IB programme encourages students to develop their mother tongue as a Language A even when courses in their language are not offered at their school. This is called IB Language A Self Taught. Many people, however, learn things better by discussing and talking to others. Therefore we offer the opportunity to study IBDP Swedish A Literature Self Taught online in a small group, in combination with one-on-one tutoring.

The IBDP Swedish A groups consist of 2-5 students, and once or twice every school week they meet with their experienced IB Swedish teacher via Zoom, Skype or another conference tool . The group members study the same novels, plays, short stories and poems, maybe with the exception of one individual work in translation.

In the group lessons, the students receive instruction by the teacher in accordance with the IBDP Swedish A Literature syllabus, but as a bonus, they also discuss the texts and assignments with Swedish IB-peers who often live in another country, but in the same time zone.

On regular basis the group students also meet with their teacher one-on-one, mainly for personal feed-back and exercises, but also to catch up on things that may have been missed during class. The individual lessons are, if possible, scheduled within the regular school day.

Please note!

All students who want to study IBDP Swedish A with us take a diagnostic test to check the level of the student’s Swedish language. This also applies to students who have a grade in Swedish from grade 9. Before the final admission, a short interview is also conducted via Zoom.