Mother Tongue Programmes

Many Swedes with children living outside Sweden try to speak Swedish at home. But often that is not enough; a defined strategy is needed if you want to reach an advanced language level. Working with us, the Swedish language continues to develop verbal and written skills when lack of time risks crushing dreams of University in Stockholm, Uppsala, or Lund. The concept we offer was designed by certified teachers of Swedish, who have taught Swedish at all levels of school, both in Sweden and abroad.

We know it works

The packages are based on the guidelines in the Swedish National Agency for Education’s syllabus for supplementary teaching for Swedish school aged nationals abroad (Skolverkets kursplan i svenska för kompletterande undervisning för svenska elever i utlandet).

Each course package is available on several levels; the appropriate level is determined by an initial diagnostic test implemented shortly after deciding to study Swedish with us. The lessons are 45-60 minutes and our courses at all levels entail at least 50 hours of student work.

Most one-on-one packages can be altered and adapted to group tutoring. Please contact us for prices and more information.

Standard package

  • Diagnosis
  • Scheduled individual teaching via Zoom one-on-one with certified teachers of Swedish
  • Teaching materials and fiction 
  • Individualized exercises
  • Individual feedback from your teacher on all texts and exercises

Applications School Year 2022-2023

Standard Package A2-B2 one-on-one15One semester or one school year1150 €
Standard Package A2-B2 FAMILY (for siblings to share) 20One semester or one school year1490 €
IB Middle Years Program Swedish A 30-50 One school year prices on demand

EU Residents and Companies

Fees for private customers who are EU residents as well as for companies vary according to local VAT regulations. Please contact us for further information.

PLEASE NOTE! Our material can also be tailored to part-time schools and school associations. The student’s Swedish state grant can then be used, just like other teaching materials. Contact us regarding prices, arrangements, and schedule.

We use the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages ​​in our assessment and evaluation. Level A1-A2 describes the language of a person with limited everyday language skills. B1 and B2 are intermediate levels where you can talk and write about most things without much effort, while levels C1 and C2 are advanced levels where you can use the language freely even in academic and professional contexts. The first part of the course is at level B2 + / C1. Read more about language levels according to the European language framework, CEFR.