IB Swedish

Do you want to take Swedish A as a part of your IB Diploma?

Do you live outside Sweden?

At Global Svenska Plus (GSP) you will find the best Swedish teachers as well as information about the IB programme in general with a focus on Swedish as an IB subject.

We partner with more than 40 IB schools in Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America. Maybe there are GSP Swedish students at an IB World School close to you? Check out the list!

IBDP Swedish A

The IB programme encourages students to develop their mother tongue, even when courses in their language are not offered at their school.

Our “IBDP Swedish A” course follows the syllabus for “IBDP Language A Literature School Supported Self Taught.” All one-on-one students have a personal course outline, made in close cooperation with your IB school. If you want to have a mix of group tutoring (2-4 students) and one-one-one tutoring, you follow our standard course outline for that time zone. Learn more

The course is distributed over one or two academic years and throughout the course, our teachers give personal feedback to the student on all their work.

In close consultation with your school, GSP can also provide a ‘made-to-measure’ accelerated programme. This is often necessary if you are a student at a school with November exams, but it can also be the case for transfer students. Contact us for more information.

Swedish Pre-IB

In the Pre-IB Course we work primarily on Swedish vocabulary and academic writing to prepare students for IB Swedish A and/or high school programs in Sweden. Lessons are offered one-on-one, or in a group once a week.

Our Swedish Pre-IB course can often be taught within the framework of “Mother Tongue Programs” in grade 9 and 10 at international schools. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about this .

IBDP Swedish B

Maybe you have lived outside of Sweden most of your life, although you are Swedish? In this case, Swedish might have become a second language, a “Language B”. Do not hesitate to contact us at GSP for advice.

Included in our courses:

  • Teaching (our tutors normally use Zoom)
  • Personal feedback on all texts and speech
  • IB specific support material
  • Individual study counselling
  • Full coordination with your IB School
  • Professional IB revision before final tests

Applications School Year 2022-2023

IBDP Swedish A one-on-oneAccording to agreement, at least one session weeklyOne school year From 2950 €
IBDP Swedish A in pairs and one-on-oneNormally two lessons per school weekOne school year2950 €
IBDP Swedish A Group 3-5 studentsGroup lessons every week plus one-on-one sessionsOne school year 2590 €
Pre-IB one-on-one and in pairsAccording to agreementOne school year Contact us
Pre-IB Swedish Group, 3-5 studentsGroup lesson every week plus one-on-one sessionsOne school yearfrom 1400 €

Please note!

Fees for private customers who are EU residents as well as for companies, vary according to national VAT regulations. For payments originating outside the EU, a bank fee of 20 € will be added. Contact us for further information.

Additional Tutoring

Additional lessons and private revision with an experienced IB teacher by separate agreement; from 90 € per lesson.